Machine Learning is a growing field today as more and more businesses now realise the importance of using machine learning systems. Many big names such as Amazon and Google are taking advantage of this technology to develop efficient systems for their users.


However, many small businesses think that machine learning is not their cup of tea. They believe that this technology is out of reach for them, but that is not true. Either you are running a small business or a large one, you still need to keep an eye on the future trends, and Machine Learning serves that purpose for you.


Marketing Insights

According to the statistics, around 43% of marketing teams used ML models last year; AI-enabled them to exceed their revenue targets.



Apart from tracking existing patterns in your data, machine learning helps you to identify suspicious activities and fraud detection. The ML model is useful to ensure network security and financial monitoring.


Personalised Suggestions

Believe it or not, we are interacting with ML in our daily life. Ranging from personalised suggestions on Spotify, Netflix or YouTube. You can launch personalised ad campaigns to increase your sales. AI basically understands patterns in the purchase behaviour of your customers to suggest similar products that you are offering.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Machine Learning is the one that drives Google’s algorithms. You can increase your user base by leveraging ML for pattern tracking. Furthermore, AI helps you to engage your customers by providing constant feedback.



Machine Learning automates tasks such as underwriting, retirement planning advisory, credit scoring, algorithmic trading. Accounting companies leverage the technology for simplifying invoicing tasks, making predictions, managing expenses, and addressing financial queries.


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